Surety Underwriting Expert Analysis

Sureties decide to bond contractors on a case-by-case basis.  A surety and its underwriting process may be blamed by any number of parties when problems arise for a contractor.  Without a clear understanding of the underwriting history and practices, parties involved in such a dispute are likely to waste time and money.

Our Experts Bring Clarity to Surety Underwriting

Cheatham Consulting, LLC provides expert witness services to prepare reports and testify regarding surety underwriting processes, products, and decisions. When a surety’s underwriting process is challenged, our experts provide objective analysis to bridge the gap between technical surety issues and legal recovery.  With more than 40 years of surety experience, Bill Cheatham can provide a thorough analysis of any underwriting history and clearly evaluate the surety’s decision making process.

Cheatham Consulting has worked with attorneys, sureties, contractors, engineers, financial institutions and CPAs to assess underwriting scenarios.  For example, Cheatham Consulting has represented:

•   An accounting firm sued by a surety relating to allegedly inaccurate financial statements
•   A contractor in litigation with an owner involving termination for default and impact on surety credit
•   A surety against a contractor where surety allegedly improperly terminated surety credit
•   A surety against an owner where the contractor was allegedly improperly terminated.

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