Surety Consulting

The surety industry is directly affected by economic cycles.  When the economy is strong, contractors and sureties incur fewer losses, typically resulting in increased profitability.  But when the economy slows down, contractors and sureties suffer increased losses.  When your company needs a bridge to minimize losses and maximize profit, we can help you identify opportunities or risks.

With more than 40 years experience in the surety industry, Bill Cheatham can help you identify and capitalize on new underwriting opportunities while minimizing potential losses.  Cheatham Consulting, LLC assists sureties in all facets of the underwriting process including:

•   Assessing new and existing risks in the current marketplace
•   Creating and launching new surety products or marketing strategies
•   Evaluating historical underwriting practices, policies, and standards
•   Reviewing claims processes to mitigate loss exposure
•   Audit underwriting practices at the local or home office level
•   Analyzing reinsurance treaties
•   Assisting with mergers and acquisitions

Contact Bill today to speak about how we can improve your underwriting practices.

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