Reinsurance Consulting

We work closely with reinsurers and primary carriers to assess accounts, treaties and emerging risks. Our suite of services include:

Primary Carrier Audit

Our consultants can help you review and evaluate your primary carrier with an annual review of accounts shaped to fit your specific needs. A primary carrier annual review may include the following:

• Review and audit a percentage of the primary carrier’s new accounts.
• Review and audit a percentage of the carrier’s fifty largest accounts.
• Review and analyze the carrier’s claims that meet a certain dollar threshold.

After completing our review, we can then prepare a thorough summary of our findings and make recommendations.

Primary Carrier Operations

In addition to annual account reviews, Cheatham Consulting, LLC also provides tailored reviews of primary carrier operations. We can meet with primary carriers and provide thorough analysis of all operational components, including:

• Marketing strategies
• Loss history and trends
• Field offices and distribution of authority
• Underwriting practices and guidelines
• Agency relationships and authority designations

After analyzing these operational components, we can prepare a report with recommendations to improve your primary carrier relationships.

Primary Carrier Mergers and Acquisitions

We can provide a review and audit of new risk exposure that may occur as a result of primary carrier mergers or acquisitions. We can then provide a report of changes about the existing primary carrier and its operations that may affect the reinsurance treaty.

Reinsurance Treaties

Cheatham Consulting, LLC also works with reinsurers to evaluate existing treaties. Our review focuses on a treaty’s terms, conditions, liabilities, and exclusions. We can then provide a report detailing the potential risk exposure created by a treaty.

Reinsurer Market Risks

As the world-wide economic recovery continues, we will help you identify risks to the United States reinsurance market. Based on our continuing research and evaluation of reinsurer market conditions, we can prepare a report and recommendations specific to your company.

Contact Bill today to discuss your solutions for your reinsurance company.

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